Haiti; Sowing Mercy & Grace

19 01 2010

To me this is crazy, it’s almost unreal…the earthquake in Haiti makes my mind rewind back to the horrible events of Katrina, and then my mind moves back a lil further to 9/11. Both events shocked the world and our nation. Now here we are again, faced with yet another tragedy.

To me it sucks that this country is just now getting the help it has needed for quite some time now. Haiti is the worlds poorest country and when that fact alone is paired with catastrophe, all outcomes lead to death, injury, lack of food, water, and little shelter.

This country was already struggling and now this!! This has knocked these people below rock bottom. However, I am a strong believer of when you are down, the only direction left to go is up!! And up Haiti will go! These people are strong, smart, and they are fighters!! I know without a doubt these people will be survivors of this and their country will rise again.

I urge everyone to donate to this country in desperate need. Whether its through the cell-phone messages, sending clothes, care packages, or even donating to Salvation Army or Red Cross. You can even donate online to Doctor’s without borders. Please do something.

Please don’t get caught up in the hype of what this country “deserved” due to their practices and beliefs. Nobody deserves to lose family, to die, be hungry, be thirsty, or even scared because of their beliefs. The God I serve is not a vengeful God, and does not operate in evil.

I have gotten into many heated discussions about this issue alone. The most recent and most prominent one was with a recent graduate from my school. She posted a scripture from the bible and then put in reference to Haiti. To make a long story short it was just out of line and not her call, or anybody’s for that matter, to even place judgement on these people. Then do it and try to back your ignorant belief up with scripture, that just set me off!!

Lol! And off I went on her and anybody else to say that these people “deserve” anything. I just can’t believe anybody deserves to be going through what the people of Haiti are going through right now. Not to even mention the people who might be there visiting, or on a mission, or nursing the sick, volunteers, and the list goes on. Did those people who are trying to help this country deserve to be caught up too? I think not. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy… it is not right.

I think its easy to place blame and judge when you are on the outside looking in. But in reality nobody can cast that first stone, cause none of us are perfect. And we all fall short at some time. Lets remember that and sow mercy and grace. For we may never know when we may need that same gesture. Prayer changes things and even though aid may be slow and so much is going in your own personal life at least send a prayer to these people. It will get there in the nick of time and it doesn’t take much time.

Please get out and help!! These people NEED help, always have and now is as good of a time as ever to reach out and touch a life and make a difference…

… Simply the thoughts and feelings of a Vixen


Hello world!

14 01 2010

Welcome to Words Frm A Vixen!!!

My name is Shanti-Janae and I am soo new to this blogging stuff! I mean I used to blog on Myspace, but that was only in crucial circumstances! Meaning I only used it to call people out and not really in a positive way!! lol! But we are over that now!! I am now in college, and I am a mother of a handsome lil boy! So I put all childish things behind me. I am a big believer in change and I love the after affects when people change to better themselves.

So why blogging?? ¬†Well this is starting out as a class assignment but I am sure this will turn into my new obsession! Simply because I love to talk and share opinion as well as get others people’s perspectives. I am a type of person who like to see situations from different angles. So I think this blogging stuff will be real fun.

Well right now I am kind of rambling about nothing!! But I hope people get substance, meaning, directional, inspiration, humor, or just something out of my blogging experience. My blogs will range from fashion picks, news and entertainment, random thoughts, inspiration and whatever my teacher gives me to blog about as well! So come back and see what’s new frequently…

… Simply words frm a ViXeN!!