Resignation… :(

25 02 2010

As I earlier stated, (if you follow my blogs…lol) I am (was) the president of an organization on my college campus…Well as the title suggests…I resigned, stepped down, quit, whatever you want to call it!!
Normally I’m not one who will easily back off, but this time I believe I was at my breaking point. After putting so much into something to only keep getting knocked down with rejection, it was time to count my loses and move forward.
I learned a lot being in that position, however it was something I stepped into knowing I had too many odds against me. Starting with the fact I am a well-known controversy on my campus! Lol! But i like to think I am a world-wide hater target anyway! But I stepped in knowing i had to face low membership, no money to put on events, and lack of support from the college and other organizations. Talk about WORK!

Nevertheless, I am at peace with my decision and I thank God for keeping me this long. See, everything happens for a reason and whether we want to accept that or not, what is done is done and little can be done to change it. I guess what I am saying to you is, anytime you step into a position or add a title to your name and you can’t be YOU…meaning you have to change or alter yourself and conform to what others think…THAT POSITION OR TITLE IS NOT FOR YOU!!

With my former position, I had to separate personal feelings and professional feelings. There is a difference, and you can do it without being fake and flaw. I know this because I did this. There is also a difference in conforming and changing for the better. Yes, I am known to sometimes get loud and to always state my opinion. However, when stepping into this position I did use other ways to communicate more effectively. Without getting loud or cursing. I was still Shanti…just a more professional Shanti. But did I tolerate un-necessary BS…No m’am and still won’t! LOL!

I thank the Lord for blessing me with his renewed Mercy & Grace because without it I know I would have caught a charge!  I now know my limits and at the end of the day…I am not in college to win a popularity contest or to even make friends. I have become a better me, while in the process of obtaining two degrees….Everything else is really irrelevant.

Words from a ViXen With more time to blog (YAY!) and a renewed sense of freedom!


TOMS; One-for-One!

23 02 2010

This blog is wayyy over due!!

So Blake Mycoskie, founder of the new non-profit trend, TOMS shoes, came to our college Wednesday, February 17. He was a great speaker and a lot better than most of our normal convocation guests. The sorrority girls had a few events with him, and needless to say it was great!!

Well Blake, who everyone keeps calling Tom, started this non-profit organization to give a pair of shoes to a child in need in an undeveloped country every time people buy a pair of these TOMS shoes. It is called the one-for-one program. He started  because while visiting Argentina he befriended many kids. He noticed that many of the kids didn’t have shoes. So many of them were denied access to school. No shoes= no education.

So he came up with a brilliant idea that has changed his life as well as so many others. One for one. He started a small website and created a multi-million dollar company.

The shoes are pretty cute and they are durable. They come in all kinds of styles and colors. Men, Women and children. The whole family can wear them.

I put a few of my favorite picks below! Hope You love them as much as i do!

The giving back of a Vixen!!

KeY 2 My H3@rT; Tiffany Keys

11 02 2010

It’s about that time!! Love is in the air and girls everywhere are looking for somebody to valentine!


Especially on Feb. 14…It’s something about that day when we just feel like we DESERVE!

Here is my most craved item of the week!

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? And a piece with diamonds, always makes you smile. Tiffany Keys embrace elegance, class, and style! I just love them!

Heart key pendant with round brilliant diamonds in 18k white gold. Size medium, 1.5″ long. Key and chain sold separately.

Cost: $1,350

For a steal deal check out

Catalog Price: $79.99

Super-Bowl Commercials 2010; BEST

9 02 2010

The SUPER-BOWL!!! Oh, who ever expected the Saints, to pull out on top? I mean how many people were Saints fans way back in September? Exactly!! But I am very happy that the Saints brought the gold home. Winning the game 31-17. I feel like New Orleans is slowly but surely reclaiming its place in America. First the Disney movie, The Princess and The Frog, and now a super bowl championship. New Orleans is definitely making its name known after Katrina. I can’t wait for Mardi Gras, I am so sure it will be super live!! LOL!

Okay now let us get to the good stuff! I mean why else watch the super-bowl but to see the commercials. I mean half-time used to be something to look forward to. But Janet & Justin killed that for us all… now we got the Who?? And frankly i didn’t know who the hell they were!!  Blame it on my urban lifestyle…whatever! Anyways back to the commercials…. did you know that they cost millions!?! Lots of money for 30 seconds of humor. Not only do they be funny and entertaining, but if you miss them you are so out of the loop when monday morning comes. Because thats what everybody is talking about.

So here is the Best Super-bowl Commercials of 2010!

Budweiswer–Bud house, Humman Bridge

Dorritos- My mama and My dorritos

Coca-cola- lady from Golden Girls & T-Pain Effect

E-trade Babies

Hope you enjoyed!!

Picks Frm a Vixen

Grammy Night 2010… Best & Worst!

4 02 2010

Grammy night is too big of a night for any celebrity to step out looking a mess! Its not only a big event for the nominees but its a big event or people in general. People love to sit home and watch the show, and see their favorite celebrities walk on the red carpet. It is a big night for designers too! When your design is worn on the red carpet for thousands or millions to see, you are getting major exposure.

So with all this going on it just blows me that anybody with even a little bit of money could even go to this big event looking crazy!! So here are my picks for the Grammy’s best and Worst Dressed.

Lets start with the bad…

Worst list!

brittney spears

lady gaga




My best list is ll about being classy… these ladies exhibited class beyond the rest. They were simple yet elegant. Nothing over the top or too revealing… they stayed true to looking like a red carpet star.

mary j blige

lea michele

kerri hilson


melanie fiona

Mrs. Kelly’s Monster

4 02 2010


Yeah that was a very interesting way to describe the way something has taken over your life, your quality of living, your very being. This story was different and it makes you appreciate your health a lot more.

Mrs. Kelly is a the lady who is going through a brain operation due to tumors. They cause her lots of pain and she associates this pain to a monster. Something that stalks her everyday, and even scares her to continue to live.

The doctor, who is the main person the story is about is going through his day trying to save this lady or at least make her life a little better. It shows the everyday life of a doctor and how they go through the everyday trails of life.

The doctor is very human in this story… he takes his lunch to work–in a brown paper bag!! His wife sees him off and for the most part seems like a regular guy. Somebody you can relate to.

This story just makes me appreciate my health. So many times i get caught up in myself and I have it better than most. I have been complaining of toothache… which are painful… but this lady has pain in her brain and so much, that she can barely live a peace.

Makes me think and thank God for my renewed strength and for blessing me with health care and for being healthy enough to make it through my everyday struggles… even the toothache pain.

…. Renewed Thankfulness frm a Vixen

Black History Month…Bittersweet…

1 02 2010

And then there is that dreadful, NOOO!! LOL!
No but for real, I am very excited about this month. I am the president of an un-mentioned organization and February is basically a big month for us. We have a series of events scheduled all month ranging from a guest speaker on the 1st to a house party on the 19th. It should be lots of fun and will hopefully put us in a great position to gain more members and a greater presence on my college campus.
It will be a lot of work but then again, if it will make this organization stronger then I am all in! Yes, it will take a lot of my weekends, and time, and I even have to sacrifice time home with my son, but I truly believe it will all play out. It will be fun and will give me some experience in my PR field.
My E-Board and I, worked very hard to put together interesting and exciting events that would attract college students.
I hope this will be fun!
Be on the look out for more from me on my involvement this month…I am sure to have some funny stories and frustrating moments!! LOL!

…Sacrafices of a Vixen in Leadership Position 🙂