The Melting Pot

23 03 2010

So me and the babe went out to eat to celebrate our 1 1/2 mark. We kept seeing this restaurant and we was like okay let’s try it! Its called The Melting Pot.
This restaurant is different from any I have ever visited. It’s a Fondue restaurant so basically you cook all your own food and its cooked right in front of you in a fondue pot. It’s a four-course meal, and plenty of food for two people. The atmosphere is very unique, grown and sexy. The lighting is low and dark. Every table and booth is kind of concealed, with an exception of larger seating areas, to give the guest privacy amongst theirselves. It was really cozy and kind of romantic so to speak. Even though this seems like it is for couples, this place is perfect for parties and get together.
The food!
OMG…It was great!! We order the “Big Night Out” which like their themed dinner. As i noted its a four course meal.
Course#1: Cheese Fondue. You can choose from the one which is apart of the themed dinner or choose one from the regular menu. They offer a mexican one that I wish I would have tried. The one we had been spiked with alcohol which really over-powered the cheese. However you can try it without the alcohol base. You get bread, granny-smith apples, and vegetables to dip in the cheese. The dippers are bottomless so you can have as much as you want. The apples were my favorite!!
Course #2: Salads. I choose a caesar salad that was topped with parmesan encrusted nuts. It was so delicious. They also give you a garlic and wine seasoning which is great on their salads.
Course #3: entrée. We order the Big Night Out themed dinner, Fondue feast. It included sushi, kiwi shrimp, chicken, pork, beef and vegetable dumplings. (I forgot all the flavors!!) But it was great. You cook all the food on the table in the fondue pot. You choose the broth you cook in. Each meat takes about a minute and a half. But the sushi and shrimp take about thirty seconds. You simply use the fondue dippers and place them in the pot. You also get vegetables as well. The meats are lean and have little to no fat but they are big chunks!! It comes to the table uncooked but seasoned.
Course #4: Dessert. OMG, I am so not a chocolate fan! But they have a chocolate fondue that is just great!! Served with cheesecake, rice krispies, brownies, pound cake, strawberries, and cookie coated marshmallows. We had the turtle themed fondue which had caramel swirls in it.
The whole meal was great and this place makes great drinks as well! We had drinks and wine!! Not to mention the menu has alcohol all incorporated within it.
Here are some pics!! And check out the website!! Find one in your area today!!
The Melting Pot