Parenting & Education

20 04 2010

School systems have changed over the years. Although schools still bare the same names, colors, rivals, and mascots, the activities behind the center blocks are not. Students these days have higher expectations placed on them. And frankly it’s no wonder when technology changes and updates almost everyday. Some things I learned in school my parents hadn’t seen or heard of until they reached college!
But that makes me wonder, what about my child? Granted upon graduation I will have two degrees and possibly a minor. I excelled in High school and college. Even was active in a number of clubs and organizations around campus. I think I know enough to help my child complete homework assignments and get through school. However, I still wonder how the administrations, new bills, and other things going on in today’s educational system will affect me and my child.
Researchers say that being more involved in your child’s home and school life may make a difference. But regardless of how much effort I put into my son’s education and learning experiences, at the end of the day I can’t be his only teacher through school. So when bills like Senate Bill 6 threaten to replace qualified teachers with teachers that might not have high credentials because of test scores, I sweat bullets!
The fact that teachers who might not know as much or have high credentials will be the ones teaching my son or your daughter is hard to overlook. I mean what and who was thinking that this would ever work and not be a concern to parents?
The “who” in question is not the least of worries by far. One has to also worry about how teachers may feel when your child has the control of causing them to miss out on a raise or lose their job. What if your child isn’t up to speed or having some issues, would their teacher still have the same compassion for teaching them as another student who might be passing with flying colors?
Senate Bill 6, had many capabilities to destroy the educational system as we know, or think knew, it. What is next? One just can’t help but to think what else could come flying our way to make us re-think our children’s education?

The Answer Sheet–Washington Post


Spring Time= Pink Time

6 04 2010

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