Ethical Spying…Google Me Baby!

31 01 2011

Topic of the Week #3 Social networking & the “ethical” spies!

 I know my title and first sentence is off the meter, but I just hate this topic!

Lately, college students have been warned that their Facebook and any other social media site profiles are being used as reason for them to not get hired. For one, I think that is very petty and unreliable. Not to mention shallow and a very easy way to cover-up discrimination. You might overlook the next billionaire or even president by using this strategy. I’ve always been taught that you should believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. If me not getting a job is based on what I do in my free time…then I don’t need to work there!

I always get the argument, “Well you are a liability to the company.” I guess you can look at it like that…BUT you won’t hire me for my Facebook profile when you got CEO’s and VP’s of companies stealing, having affairs, lying and who knows what else behind closed doors! Every sinner has a future just like every saint got a past. Not hiring me for something on Facebook, without even asking me about the situation, is why people are so jacked up now. That is called stereotyping.

But you feel like that’s okay because it’s for a job or scholarship…Well, ITS NOT!! Judging people, stereotyping and assuming things is never good and it can’t be justified. Yet you say that this is ethical…I beg to differ!

Seriously people, stop judging others before you get to know them. Stop assuming because you see someone laughing hard with a red solo cup in hand, that they are drunk. Stop basing real-life situations off social media sites. Not everyone is who they appear to be. That’s why it’s important to get to know people and ask questions. If you ask you might even be surprised.

I just don’t believe that my work ethic, creativity, dedication, qualifications, or even my full personality can be summed up in a resume yet alone a Facebook profile. I know as PR professionals we should be careful about how we present ourselves just like we do our clients…but does that mean I have to be someone I’m not? If this is really what I got to face to be successful in this field I rather just get my license and do hair. I can only be me!

—-An Angry Tired of being Stereotyped Vixen


Comments the Key to Surviving in Blog World!

26 01 2011

Topic of the Week #2 is why are blog comments sooo important?

Being somebody who follows multiple blogs (Necole Bitchie, CHELLBELLZ, CupCakes & Cashmere) and who has multiple blogs I want to share why comments are important. In short let me tell you they are VITAL!!

If you want to survive in this blogging world…you want comments. Comments basically show that people care enough about your post to leave their input! It’s like a conversation so to say. Without comments how do you know if people actually care about what you are writing? YOU WON’T!! Looking at the number of times someone viewed your blog does not tell you if they even gave two hoots!!

When people comment on your blog you know they care…even if they disagree with whatever you wrote. Doesn’t matter…simply irrelevant! Comments can tell you what to keep posting about. For example, if you get lots of comments on your fashion blogs…then thats whats your viewers want to see more of. Or maybe its the way you set them up that viewers like more…either way people care enough to leave a comment.

Another reason comments are vital to your blogging survival is because thats how you get more viewers! Nobody wants to have a page that nobody views because then it becomes a waste of time! But if you comment on other people’s blogs, they want to see who you are and what you are blogging about…you can even invite them to read your blog by commenting on their post. For example, Super Bowl last year I posted my favorite commercials and then went found blogs about the same topic. I left comments on their blogs and they returned the favor. It’s a way to bring people in your blog and one that really works!

However you choose to bring people to your blog, find a way to get more readers! Leaving comments works! But don’t take my word for it…Try it! So leave your thoughts on someone’s page…they might return the love!

~Advice frm a ViXeN!

Blog Comments; My Thoughts Pasted on a Single Page!

26 01 2011

This would be my blog comments…all pasted in one place!

1.) Social Media is Not My Number One
By: Michaela
Posted: Jan. 26.2011
Micheala…wow! You gotta step it up girl!! I like social media because I’m a social-butterfly! LOL! But I understand what you are saying about Twitter…but you can use it and not be so detailed about your life. I use mine sometimes for random thoughts…to me it shows personality (like mine is crazy just like me!). But I love YouTube!! lol! But i hope you find ways to make Twitter fun for you since you must have it for class! Muah Muah!
~Love frm a Vixen!

2.) To Comment or NOT to Comment

By: Alexis Merante

Posted: Jan. 31. 2011

Very well put! I like how you left tips on how to leave a comment! But I totally agree that leaving comments is a way to start a conversation. And I think that the reason why most people don’t leave comments is because you didn’t make them feel like they should! If you have a strong impact (good or bad) then I think they will give you their “two-cents”!
Either way, I left you a comment!

–Love frm a Vixen!

3.)Pilant’s Business Ethics Blog

By: James Pilant

Posted: Feb.01.2011

Wow! I’m honored you would even post a link to my post! But yes, its a shame and it is something more people need to stand up and talk about. I do believe legal measures should be taken and that social media profiling is unethical. Thanks for spreading the word…Hopefully things will change!
–Love frm a Vixen

4.) PR Connection #2: Young Kids on Facebook
Posted: Feb. 10. 2011

By: Jake Price

WOW! I do agree with the First Lady…There is just too much online for kids to get into. I don’t think Facebook is an appropriate place for children. I think kids should only be online if its school related, educational, or monitored by a parent. I think parents have forgotten how unsafe the internet can be. Since children are not mature enough to understand how the internet works, they don’t understand the consequences of their actions if they were to post something. As a parent, I only let my son use the computer with me and it is always educational & age appropriate sites.

5.) TOW #3 Ethics of Social Media Monitoring
Posted: Feb. 10. 2011

By: Jake Price

I have to disagree with the latter part…Why yes you should always want to present yourself in a positive manner. However, I think not hiring someone for what they do in their spare time is a form of discrimination. Everyone has something about themselves that they don’t want others to see. Whether that’s their sexuality or their stretch marks…everyone has skeletons. I think social media monitoring for hiring is unethical because you are now opening the door for prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes.

6.) Foursquare now for adults…

By: Melissa Rodriquez
Posted: March 11, 2011

I think FourSquare is neat. I agree with how companies can really benefit from it. I love going to Moe’s because every time I check-in I receive an email or text with some kind of deal. It really keeps me going back! But the thing I love about the Moe’s check-in system is that it isn’t posted to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. So everybody who follows me or on my friend list isn’t aware of my whereabouts. I don’t participate in Foursquare and ask my friends not to include me in theirs, because privacy is big for me. I’m don’t like having everybody know exactly where I am at the exact moment. It’s creepy!! Great post really enjoyed it!!

7.) Friends Not Enemies!

By: Emily Yehia
March 11,2011

First I love how you use the images of numbers to keep track of the TOW number…How creative!! Kudos to you!! But yes, I thought this podcast was very interesting as well. But unlike you I was aware that Social Media can very well be an enemy…as you may know of my Twitter fiasco! Lol! But, I think its important for individuals as well as companies to know how social media can benefit them. I learned a lot about staying friends with social media from past experiences, this class, and that podcast. I’m actually hopeful that all this knowledge will land me a job…I may be the next Barbara Nixon girl!!

8.)Take a Step into a Better Tomorrow

By: Erin McDonough
March 11,2011

TOMS or Red Bottoms…Ummm such a hard decision!! Lol! I am a shoe person…why? Because my shoe size never changes! I hate shopping for jeans or shirts or even skirts. One day I may be a 10 the next an 8 and two weeks later a 16!! Just depends on what it is…and I hate it!! But shoes…I’m always a petite size 7. Never changes. But when TOMS shoes came to FSC for convo I was really excited. I love his cause and I love his personality. Most importantly I love supporting people like him. I had a pair of TOMS and I’m waiting to get another pair really soon! I would so rock a pair of shoes that help people and are reasonably priced over my super high-priced Red Bottoms…even though I love them!! Kudos to you for featuring this in your blog…hope it helps spread the word! Oh and check out my post on TOMS!

9.) You Know You “Like” It

mARCH 11,2011

Interesting…I love Taco Bell so I wish I wouldn’t have missed that free taco deal!! But seriously this is great. I think Taco Bell has gotten a lot of bad press in the past years and I’m glad they are learning to control it. I think it was brilliant to use social media! I totally agree with you about how powerful social media is. If it helped with something like this I wonder how many more companies will follow suit? What can I say they are really using the groundswell!!
Great post…KUDOS!!


Posted: March 11,2011

by: Unknown

Wow…I really like how you define PR…Although many people have many different definitions about what PR actually is I think explains it pretty well. So many people think its easy and not time consuming or that it all about celebrities. But thats not true…its more than what you see on TV and its more than what see in a press release. PR is every where! It’s all around you rather you know it or not. I personally like crisis PR…because I think its good to show how you can use PR as a band-aid. But good post!
Kudo frm a Vixen!

11.)Are You Stopping Others from Telling Your Story?

The Future Buzz  By: Adam Singer

March 17, 2011

I think that would be a great idea…just give them away. At least a sample size and puttting the website on the pic would give me the option to oder more online. I always take the picture but I never buy them. I usually just go online and save the image to my computer and upload it to FaceBook. But I do think if companies would think about getting their name out there and brand awareness it would help them in the long run. Great post and really good idea. It’s a know fact people love promotional items and freebies. So your idea would really help many business’ especially small ones that need to get their names out there.

12.)Sheen Madness

By: Alexa Gardner

posted: March 17,2011

Wow! Girl you took off in this post! I can sense some aggrevation! LOL! I just love it! But seriously I couldn’t agree with you more. Charlie Sheen got 1 million followers in little over a day…is having tons of followers the only reason we use Twitter? Or do we use it as a tool to share and connect? Yeah he really proved just how social media can be spinned to suit your personal needs…in his case it was attention. But I agree we need to stop wasting time and space covering foolishness. I would love to know how the gov’t bout to lower gas prices over Charlie Sheen! Great post!

Kudos from a Vixen!

13.)Starbucks turns 40!

by: Karen Snir

I like to comment on posts that are similar to my own…but Starbucks has really used brand loyalty to their advantage and I really hope the logo change doesn’t push customers away. I am not a coffee lover nor am I crazy about the prices at Starbucks but I actually like the logo. I think it stands out more and it really test brand awareness. Because now that the ring saying starbucks is gone people will actually have to pay attention to the detail. I do think this will help with all the knock off products who have similar logos. I guess after 40 years they need to really knock the competition out!
Great Post….Kudos from a Vixen!

14.) Kobe SUCKS!

By: Jake Price

LOL! Wow Jake! I knew this was going to be an interesting topic for you. I agree he really did not show any sportsmanship and he insulted many people. Being a celebrity/public figure I feel like he should be aware of how things like this can affect his career. Many people don’t realize that the LGBT community has a strong buying power and can easily cause trouble for sales. Kobe was definitely out of line, and being a player who has faced PR crisis’ he really should know better…NO EXCUSE!

15.)TOW#13: Viral Videos

by: Jake PRICE

LOL! Great picks Jake! I can literally sit on YouTube all day and watch videos! One of my friends, sends me links daily and we sit and laugh for hours. Sometimes we see them on America’s Funniest VideoS. But I personally think humor is the key to viral videos. Well any emotion really, but why not make a video where people laugh? Everyone loves a good laugh! So I think if its funny (universally) then u may have a great viral video on your hands!
Good post!
Kudos frm a Vixen ROTFL!

16.)Kate vs. Diana

By: Mallory Moore

It surprises me you never seen any videos or pics on Dianas wedding! WOW! Well yes neither of us was born but when she died that was one of the reasons it was such a big deal (granted she was a princess but follow me)…her wedding was like the first royalty wedding to be on viewed by civilians! Back in the days the world could only imagine how grand a royal wedding could be, but Diana’s we saw! When she died, people were like “wait, i remember her wedding!” I do think this is going to an interesting event and yes many people will do what you have already!
Great Post!
 Kudos frm a Royal Vixen!

17.)Guest Blogger: Emily Yehia Charity water

By: Mallory Moore

Thought this was an interesting company and might I add your presentation was very great as well! I love this post! I ❤ Companies that are built off public service. I think this company will grow and though it is a non-profit I highly doubt they will have any problems with support. This company is one of many that is making this world better for everyone!
TRIPLE Kudos frm a Vixen that cares! 🙂

18.)Secrets Don’t make friends


 This is knowledge!! I mean just think about how many recent incidents could have been avoided if people would have know this information in this post! Kobe Bryant, Chris Brown, Kanye West…Just to name a few! This something like you mentioned EVERYBODY should know! This is a great post!
KUDOS frm a cautious Vixen

19.)Like it, Love It, Bookmark it!

BY: Joe Citro

Unlike you & Allie, I had heard of Diigo…I actually use Delicious and have been since I first met Professor Nixon last year. Bookmarking is very useful and it helps me a lot when I am doing group work. Its easy and keeps everything organized not to mention easy to share. Most sites have a button so that u can easily bookmark something. This is an interesting post!

20.)Paul McCartney: Dead? No…PR Genius!

By:Alexis Gardner

Wow…got to post in honor of the late James…He taught me everything I know about the Beatles! First off…genius is an understatement! Even if he is dead (which is a huge possiblity) I think the Beatles are genius! Everyone knows when artists die their sales sky-rocket (Micheal Jackson hello!). But for the Beatles to stretch it out this long, is def a marketing strategy that they are very successful at doing. I agree that this will be something many bands will kick themselves in the face for not copying!
Posting in memory of a great man!

21.)Guest Blogger Melissa Rodriugez

bY: Alexis Gardner

As a parent…I have to comment! LOL! I personally see nothing wrong with the ad…Its cute and personal. I don’t think she nor the company should have been attacked for something she choose to share with the world…esp something so imtimate as bonding time with your child. Its nobody’s business but her own. Kids don’t any different and thats why we as parents, role models, siblings and family members teach them. My son doesn’t piant his own nails but he does like helping me do mine. And i let him because who to say he might not make me rich painting toe-nails!

Spring Trend: Wooden Soles!

24 01 2011

I been keeping my eyes open for new spring trends…and this is one that I’m already on! Wood bottom shoes!! They are very cute and chic. You can find them in a variety of styles and heights, giving you lots of options. Here are a few of my favorites!

Christian Louboutin– Miss Cristo $595.00

Heel Height: 5.5”
Platform Height: 1.5”


Bakers –Kesha $79.99

Heel Height – 5 1/8”
Platform – 1 1/2”

Charlotte Russe–Military Sandal 42.50
Platform – 1.25”
Heel Height – 5”

Shanti’s Social Media Journey!

19 01 2011

Topic of the Week!

I love social media!! I have had a Facebook since i was in high school when it was exclusive for college students. I also had a MySpace which at some point in my life became my life!! Lol!

But now I am older, wiser, and I have much more to share with the world so i use my social media in many different ways.

Blog: iI really enjoy blogging and I currently operate several different one. All are for fun but I’m trying to seriously blog on one.

Facebook: WOW! What would college be with it?? It steals my attention in my tech-savvy classrooms and I stay logged in for hours!! It’s truly addictive. I keep in contact with family, childhood friends, classmates, local celebs, and random people!

Twitter: My new-found love! I just recently reached 400 tweets! Yay, Go me! I know I’m still very new to the whole twitter thing but I’m loving this new-found interest! I even tweet from my phone! I follow friends, celebs, local artists, family and people I meet randomly. I try to be more inspirational and positive (which I am NOT on Facebook).

Other Social Media: I use Flickr, WordPress (of course), blogger, and several other sites for fun, networking and to just share my story and view-point! I love being able to just share and give my opinion (which sometimes gets in me in trouble). But with social media I can do just that!