Like two Peas in a Podcast

28 02 2011

TOW #8…Podcasts

Podcasts are sometimes viewed as outdated, but I’ve been using them more than ever lately. Podcasts are usually episodes of digitally recorded media files. In simpler terms it’s almost like a radio show on the internet but without the songs. Podcasts can be used for a variety of things. Here at Florida Southern the communication department uses them to air the Southern Sports Network (SSN). I also know many professors who use them to lecture.

With the SSN it’s very easy and simple for them to create their podcasts. I have sat and watched them record and edit everything so that it the podcast flowed smoothly. They usually talk about FSC sports but sometimes they will comment on other issues going in sports and relate them back to our campus.

I think podcasts work for sports because it give you that retro aspect. I don’t know nobody who is heavily involved in the sports arena who doesn’t listen to commentary of sports. I mean if it wasn’t an important part of sports we wouldn’t even have them. I love how you have to talk for other people’s eyes as well. But back in the day before TV that’s how fans stayed on top of sports. So I think it really works for the SSN.

I like podcasts even though I have to really concentrate to listen to really long one. But I’m a person who learns by hearing and they help me to really process everything.


1, 2, 3, Foursquare

20 02 2011

TOW #7…Foursquare…Ummm what is this??

I remember making up random rules while playing foursquare at recess as a kid. I would make up anything that would give me an advantage over the other players. Some would call it cheating but I call it a creative win! Well the topic of this post is not about the Foursquare you played on the playground as a child. But it is a creative win!

Foursquare is like a check-in service. It allows you to check in to places and explore things around you. You can do it with friends or by yourself and you even earn badges for what you find. It’s simple, free and all you need is your cell phone, Foursquare, and a desire to find out more!

I think this is creative because you can share your location with others, have fun with friends and get great deals on places all over your local area by simply checking in. I mean like who thought of this?? Companies can actually send you coupons and other deals for checking in or visiting their business. The more you do it the more you badges and deals you get. Win right?

However, as with any other creative new invention there is a downside. Not only could this be dangerous it’s also a little scary. This information you are sharing with your friends and the world could potentially put you in the center of harm. What if you had a bad break-up and your spouse follows you on Foursquare. So they see where you are and when you are there. What if they flip out and decide to hurt you? They now know exactly how to find you! And with so much technology and identity theft these days they could even make a bogus profile to get more information.

I guess this is just a reminder that you MUST be careful of what you put out on the internet. Parents should take special interests to help their kids protect themselves on the web by setting up privacy settings and establishing rules to follow. Adults should also be aware of the same dangers. Foursquare maybe fun but realize that people today are crazy and the internet is a playground for them to prey. You never know who is behind the screen & keyboard.

I think Foursquare like all other social media sites have ups and downs. I strongly advise people to be careful about what information is out there about you. Don’t become so social-media addicted that you can’t see the dangers in having fun. Know the risks and protect yourself.

Photo Credits:

top:screen shot video by: Vaughn Hannon

middle: creative commons by dpstyles

right:Creative Commons By: lukasch

Friends…How many of Us Have them??

16 02 2011

TOW #6…Listen To podcast (Social Media Friend or Foe)

For this week’s Topic of the Week we had to listen to a podcast. The podcast was actually interesting once I really got over the fact that this weeks topic wasn’t as juicy as I hoped it be. HOWEVER, I really learned a few things from the podcast…It touched a lot of concerns I had about social media.

 What did I learn…

I learned that social media can make you or break you. I liked how it talked about the three biggest social media outlets I use; Facebook, Twitter & blogging. I learned that social media is all about building and maintaining relationships. Whether those relationships are on a personal or professional level, building and maintaining them is the purpose of being involved.

I was aware that social media can play a huge role in your success as a professional. I also know that your personal life in social media can affect your professional world of social media. So when Regan started talking about how companies can build and maintain employee relationships I took notes.

 He talked about how employees may not really talk about certain things to their supervisors who in respond have nothing to say to the CEO’s and other higher ups. So basically these people don’t know whats going on at the bottom and vice versa. Therefore when something like a major change happens the two could really be totally disconnected even though they all work for the same company. So Regan suggests creating internal blogs where everybody can discuss issues and give ideas.

This idea would really make the open door policy seem more open because most employees are not going to feel comfortable without something like this in place. It made me think about the show Undercover Boss. If an internal blog was in place for some of those companies, we wouldn’t need the people higher up to pose as employees.

Here is an episode just in case you’ve never seen one:

Christina Kills National Anthem…Literally!

9 02 2011

PR Connection

Christina Aguilera performed the national anthem at this years Super Bowl. I didn’t watch the game because I was busy waiting tables and serving into the wee hours of the night.

But as always when you miss the game you miss a lot! I woke up and checked my favorite daily blog (Necole Bitchie) to find out Christina messed up the Star Spangled Banner! I was really shocked because she has performed countless times in front of millions of people.

She has grown up in the spotlight and has even won 5 Grammy’s! I couldn’t believe she actually messed up! However, when i watched the video I was surprised that it took me several rewind to find the mistake. She only switched like three words.

But let the media tell it…she changed the whole song. I think people are overlooking the facts she is a great singer, was singing LIVE, and she is HUMAN! I personally don’t think it was as bad the whole Janet Jackson Scandal.

At the end of it all…She can recover from this event. I’m glad she apologized and explained it was nerves getting the best of her. Most of all I’m glad she finished the song and ended it with a bang!

The Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2011 Goes to…

8 02 2011

Topic of the Week #5: Best Super Bowl Commercial

When I go home for breaks or weekends I usually spend lots of tine with family and friends. And course I work at my favorite lounge & sports bar in Jacksonville, FL….Skyline!! It’s a family thing and I just LOVE IT!! So on Super-Bowl Sunday I actually was working during the game and many hours far after.

Well since i missed the big game and all the super expensive commericals…I relyed heavily on my morning blogs to get me up to speed on all the new stuff going on. Well not only did I find my favorite commercial but a few honorable mentions too!

So the winner of my Super Bowl commercial of the Year is….Groupon!!

LOL! Yeah yeah…I know that seems kind of in-sensitive. But if you know me, you know I love controversy!! I just love it!!

So Groupon started with this very serious type of commercial and then out of no-where just blows it all off. Don’t get me wrong…I do think the situation was messed up and very insensitive. However, I like the fact that Groupon took a risk…Very similar to the Kenneth Cole Tweet situation.

Yes, it was offensive and kind of immature. But just think…if companies and people didn’t take risks and make stupid choices…what would PR be?? See I look at stuff like this as job security. It shows me that no matter how much creative thinks about stuff at some point they don’t think about reactions to certain things. Then when the company has to issue an apology or press release…Guess who writes it. ME!!

I no longer judge these companies or even think lower of them…I simply smile. It just reassures me that I am in the right field.

Here is the commercial just in case you missed it:

—-A Vixen with Money on her MIND!

You Have a Voice…Use It!

6 02 2011

Topic of the week: Write about my chapter in the textbook.

Have you ever had a problem and you googled the answer? Well, so have millions of others. You can find answers online for almost anything…nothing is too taboo. My dad has learned how to fix almost everything around the house from sites that have forums.

Its no wonder that our text book Groundswell, had a chapter on getting help on the internet. I presented the section on forums. I think out of the whole chapter the thing that stood out to me most was the power of people in a forum. CBS had a show called Jericho.

They used the internet to really get people into the show since it was very different from most sitcoms we usually see. Fan/viewers posted frequently on thr forums and were very active on the sitcom’s page. Well when the show was canceled, the fans started a campaign to bring the show back.

Guess what…It worked!! The fans really brought back the show and the producers were shocked that so many people cared! It just makes me think if you can bring back a show…what else can the power of a forum do??

Forums range from place to place but all have the same basic concept, which it to be a meeting place. You can use forums to get answers, give answers, share comments, thoughts, and/or opinions. Maybe you have a show that you want to see back on the air…maybe you are very passionate about something….or just maybe you want to share some helpful tips. Whatever your interests are find a forum to post on. You might find a job, hobby, or even be apart of a revelotion!