Snooki & Ne-Yo Rolling Stone Cover

17 03 2011

So I’m checking my morning blog for the hottest gossip when I see a post about Ne-Yo getting mad about Snooki’s appearance on Rolling Stone’s cover.

Ne-yo decided to tweet his frustration:

Wow. Snooki is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Really? I quit. (Just kidding, but almost serious….) No disrespect to Snooki, I don’t know her, but damn Rolling Stone? REALLY? REALLY! I guess…..

I feel a rant coming on, but at the sake of sounding like I’m complaining or even hating, Imma chill. I got y’all. New album on the way. I WILL get the respect I deserve in this business or I won’t be in this business. PERIOD. Have a #splendid day twit fam!! I gotta take this opportunity to thank those that recognize what I am regardless of what I do or don’t sell, what a blog hag says I am, etc. Fun is fun, mayhem is entertaining, but COME ON PEOPLE!! There’s gotta be some sort of balance somewhere! Man, GOD bless the biz….

Well I thought that was a bit rude. But I mean I really don’t see the correlation. I thought Rolling Stone had a music demographic. Unless she is planning to break into music I’m lost. But in her defense they have had other people who aren’t music related grace the cover in the past.

I like Snooki and I think it was a great opportunity for her. I think Ne-yo has just been a little hot-headed lately and needs to chill. She is doing her thing and he shouldn’t be hating on a female! I think he is putting himself in a position to lose a lot of fans because of Twitter…as a future PR consultant to the stars I strongly suggest he DELETE his Twitter account.

UPDATE: Snooki responded with:

“Neyo’s mad that I got the cover of rolling stone?”

“Hm you lost a loyal fan,” she tweeted. “What a buzz kill.#sorry.”

I’m glad she didn’t take the quiet role! You have a voice…Use IT!

Happy Birthday to Starbucks!

16 03 2011

So I’m not even a huge coffee lover. I one drink my coffee cold although I don’t like iced coffee…I know its weird. So me and a friend decided to stop by and grab a coffee before our second class. I was surprised to learn that Starbucks was celebrating its 40th birthday!

The manager told me that it was a big deal for the company and that they even released a new logo. It’s simply the inside image of the old logo. Its more clear, precise, and modern. Since Starbucks isn’t a big part of my life I barely noticed the difference and I don’t have a preference. From what others have told me the Siren (as the middle image is called) has just gotten bigger and zoomed in since the first logo in 1971. But I thought it was a good idea to release the new logo during this celebration.

I am glad that Starbucks has managed to stay a float during these rough financial times. Brand loyalty has really worked for them and they are very aware of it! Most everybody I know that drinks coffee on the regular prefers Starbucks over any other brand or company. And since it’s not very budget friendly like the dollar coffee I can get at other places, its truly amazing just how loyal these customers are.

I hope the logo change doesn’t make customers feel detached from its most loved cup of coffee. I hope its accepted well and that customers will remain true and loyal to Starbucks. But then again, if it turns into an utter disaster then I will once again have that feeling of job security! Lol! So either way it goes I’m happy!

Charlie Sheen & Twitter

4 03 2011

PR Connection

I only have about 140 followers on Twitter…mostly friends and random #Teamfollowback. I mean I’m a regular girl…not a big deal. But i must say that I’m a bit jealous that Charlie Sheen got 1 million in just over a day…25 hours and 17 minutes to be exact!! And he is only following 28 people…UGGHHH!! Lol!

But it makes you question…Is high numbers all that Twitter is about? Do you really just want thousands of followers or do you want to really connect and share valuable and helpful information??  I’m confused, because according to Professor Nixon it’s about the latter. But according to my best friend who talked me into getting a Twitter in the first place its about numbers. So which is it?

I guess the answer lies in the each individual person. For me it’s both. I want higher numbers so I have a wider audience to reach when I post valuable and helpful information. I think Twitter is great and I love spending my first morning hours laughing at the tweets that flood my timeline about other people’s mornings.

I think the fact that Charlie Sheen can reach 1 million followers in little over a day shows the power Twitter has. It makes me also think about Kim Kardashian, who gets paid to tweet. Her family has made millions off social media alone. And that’s the real point to ponder…How powerful is Twitter and what could it do for you? your business? your reputation?

I highly doubt I follow Charlie Sheen…I don’t quite know how I feel about him playing the numbers game. It really made me re-think what is my reason for Twitter…to interact or just gain huge numbers and never say anything worth listening to?

p.s. He now holds a world record for getting 1 million followers faster than anyone else…Guess you can make new record categories  too! Lol!


This not #winning in my category.