Oprah’s Ad Frenzy

10 04 2011

Pr Connections

It will cost advertisers about $1 million dollars to advertise during Oprah Winfrey’s last talk show. The show is expected to be watched by 20 million viewers. So advertisers would really benefit from coughing up the $1 million!

The commercials will only be 30-secs but will watched by millions. This whole situation reminds me of Superbowl commercials where advertisers pay big bucks for ads to appear during the big game.

The situation really doesn’t surprise me. This is OPRAH we are talking about. You know the lady who gets companies to donate gifts for her “Oprah’s Favorite Things“show…Yeah that one!

I mean if I had to look up to any black woman in the journalism field it would definitely be her. Not because she is BLACK, even though she has made huge accomplishments for a minority, but because her PR skills are banging. She gets companies to basically give her products so she can give them away which results in other people to buy them. Not mention she gets the hottest interviews with all the stars…I seriously can’t think of one person Oprah hasn’t interviewed! Like who wouldn’t want to have a partnership with Oprah? Who wouldn’t want to let her help make your company 10x stronger?

Her network is supposedly struggling to get viewers, but for some reason I beg to differ. I don’t have any doubts that PR will save her network from any crisis situation that may present itself. Oprah has kept viewers in tune with her 5 days a week for over a decade. She is very well-known and has been a public figure with an excellent reputation.

Oprah Winfrey is on top and I think the PR & Advertising fields can learn a lot from her and how she operates her companies. She is the epitome of Communications!

Her last show is scheduled to air May 25





3 responses

21 04 2011

I would definitely want to advertise during Oprah’s last show. She is a prodigy in her field and people will definitely notice the commercials being advertised during this time. $1 million is a lot but I definitely think companies will get their money’s worth.

21 04 2011

This is so crazy! I cant believe 20 million viewers are expected to watch! Like you said, it if exactly like the superbowl. Oprah is an amazing woman and I am sad it will be her last talk show.

21 04 2011
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