21 04 2011

Bookmarking is such an interesting way to share things! We have all used “Favorites” on our personal computers but did you know that Bookmarking is ten times better than adding a site to your favorites list?

Bookmarking is like your favorites all saved and organized into one file that you can access anywhere there is internet (which is basically everywhere!). You can see whatever you bookmark in a simple click…Yeah I know technology is amazing!

But bookmarking is very useful more than easy. You can share tons of information without sending huge files through email and trying to find thing all over. I personally use delicious but there are other bookmarking sites such as Diigo. It really helps when I am in group projects and I need my group members to know exactly where i got information, what the information is, and how they can access it fast.

This created a peaceful organized working environment for us all. And the best part is you can bookmark anything! Whether its class related or something you want to comeback and look into later. Bookmarking allows you to do all that and attach tags to your links so that you can easily locate them amongst your other links.

Most sites have a navigation box where you can Tweet, add to facebook, get the RSS feed, email, and guess what…BOOKMARK. Making the process even more easy.

I love bookmarking and highly suggest other try it as well!




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