Viral Babies!

21 04 2011

Viral Videos make my day! I love to laugh (just as much as I love controversey)! Me and my friend, Esselyn Mendez sit up for hours watching YouTube videos and being goofy! Although we have yet to make our own…I’m sure we would get a few thousand hits just for being good looking! LOL!

But seriously I think in order for a video to go viral it has to draw some kind of emotion. Whether this is good or bad depends on the person, but it has to make the viewer feel some type of way for it to be passed on and on. And the emotion must be felt universially and be relatable to everyone from all walks of life.

Laughter is one of those key emotions that everyone loves to feel no matter where you are from, what you look like, etc. Everyone likes to laugh. So thats why I think funny videos become viral faster than most. Not only does the video have to have humor…it has to be humor that anyone would get and could relate to.

I think social action videos are good too. Even though some can really hit you where it hurts and make reality seem too real…they work! When a video draws emoton out of you it makes you want to act. More thank likly your action is going to be to share it. If this happens millions of times then a video will get millions of views. But if a video doesn’t make you feel like you HAVE to act immediately then it won’t become viral…popular but def not viral.

Babies usually make people happy! These are my favorite baby viral videos!




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