Widgets vs. Badges

21 04 2011

Many people hear the terms widgets & badges a lot but only a select few know the difference or what they are at all. The main difference between the two are their own individual uses.

Badges are like graphics that are linked and used to facilitate traffic. You basically want people to click it and be brought to your site. They are commonly used in connection with events…so you would click the badge on the event page and be taken to another page with more info for example. Badges are simple to create and use. I’m sure you could even keep track of how much traffic was generated from a badge. Most people probably encounter badges everyday online and don’t realize it.

Widgets are a little more complex than badges. They are more like an extra to a site. Foe example my blog (the one you are reading…yeah this one!) has widgets set up. On the right side of the screen you can see a calendar and a cloud. The cloud contains all my categories but the one that have more content are bigger than the ones with fewer posts. This is an example of a widget.

I recently did a campaign for JCPenny, and a badge would have been helpful when we planned to team up the government to support the Anti Bullying Cause. JCP could create a badge for all of its online advertisements. When someone clicks the badge they would be directed to the page on the JCP website that is dedicated for the anti-bullying cause.

So badges & widgets are both helpful…there really is no need to have to choose one over the other. Whereas a badge could help me build readership on my blog, my widgets help keep it organized. So they really can work together and make this internet world easier!




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