Guest Blogger #2: Citro!

21 04 2011

Joe is in my class and by far one of the smartest dudes I HAVE EVER MET! He is always on top of his game, he thinks outside the box (sometimes to much!), and he is someone the world better watch out for! Of all his posts (too many good ones to choose from!) were on point, but this one I learned a lot from and thought others would too!


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Secrets don’t make friends

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The world we live in is always moving and there is little room for privacy. Off the record used to be an idea that if you were not around camera’s or those in the media field you can say what you want without being criticized for it publicly.

Today people can easily hear everything you say. Through social media one bad impression of a person or company can be posted online and hundreds of impressions will be made by there friends and family that view there page consistently.

There are 5 simple rules cited by Gil Rudawsky:

1) “Off the record” is not considered off the record anymore

2) Never say anything to a reporter that would make you look bad

3)Temper your comments in public places

4)After you are done speaking to a reporter, make sure they are not continuing to listen, through an open mic or otherwise

5) Finally, it’s best to keep to simple—and noncontroversial—topics, especially during sound checks

These rules are essential to follow for not only politicians and celebrities but ourselves as well. When we walk to class we hear people say ridiculous things, now they are off the record, but we will always remember or at least have an idea of what was said. After all there really are no places for secrets anymoree because one wrong word or phrase can put you in a terrible situation.


Viral Babies!

21 04 2011

Viral Videos make my day! I love to laugh (just as much as I love controversey)! Me and my friend, Esselyn Mendez sit up for hours watching YouTube videos and being goofy! Although we have yet to make our own…I’m sure we would get a few thousand hits just for being good looking! LOL!

But seriously I think in order for a video to go viral it has to draw some kind of emotion. Whether this is good or bad depends on the person, but it has to make the viewer feel some type of way for it to be passed on and on. And the emotion must be felt universially and be relatable to everyone from all walks of life.

Laughter is one of those key emotions that everyone loves to feel no matter where you are from, what you look like, etc. Everyone likes to laugh. So thats why I think funny videos become viral faster than most. Not only does the video have to have humor…it has to be humor that anyone would get and could relate to.

I think social action videos are good too. Even though some can really hit you where it hurts and make reality seem too real…they work! When a video draws emoton out of you it makes you want to act. More thank likly your action is going to be to share it. If this happens millions of times then a video will get millions of views. But if a video doesn’t make you feel like you HAVE to act immediately then it won’t become viral…popular but def not viral.

Babies usually make people happy! These are my favorite baby viral videos!

Widgets vs. Badges

21 04 2011

Many people hear the terms widgets & badges a lot but only a select few know the difference or what they are at all. The main difference between the two are their own individual uses.

Badges are like graphics that are linked and used to facilitate traffic. You basically want people to click it and be brought to your site. They are commonly used in connection with events…so you would click the badge on the event page and be taken to another page with more info for example. Badges are simple to create and use. I’m sure you could even keep track of how much traffic was generated from a badge. Most people probably encounter badges everyday online and don’t realize it.

Widgets are a little more complex than badges. They are more like an extra to a site. Foe example my blog (the one you are reading…yeah this one!) has widgets set up. On the right side of the screen you can see a calendar and a cloud. The cloud contains all my categories but the one that have more content are bigger than the ones with fewer posts. This is an example of a widget.

I recently did a campaign for JCPenny, and a badge would have been helpful when we planned to team up the government to support the Anti Bullying Cause. JCP could create a badge for all of its online advertisements. When someone clicks the badge they would be directed to the page on the JCP website that is dedicated for the anti-bullying cause.

So badges & widgets are both helpful…there really is no need to have to choose one over the other. Whereas a badge could help me build readership on my blog, my widgets help keep it organized. So they really can work together and make this internet world easier!


21 04 2011

Bookmarking is such an interesting way to share things! We have all used “Favorites” on our personal computers but did you know that Bookmarking is ten times better than adding a site to your favorites list?

Bookmarking is like your favorites all saved and organized into one file that you can access anywhere there is internet (which is basically everywhere!). You can see whatever you bookmark in a simple click…Yeah I know technology is amazing!

But bookmarking is very useful more than easy. You can share tons of information without sending huge files through email and trying to find thing all over. I personally use delicious but there are other bookmarking sites such as Diigo. It really helps when I am in group projects and I need my group members to know exactly where i got information, what the information is, and how they can access it fast.

This created a peaceful organized working environment for us all. And the best part is you can bookmark anything! Whether its class related or something you want to comeback and look into later. Bookmarking allows you to do all that and attach tags to your links so that you can easily locate them amongst your other links.

Most sites have a navigation box where you can Tweet, add to facebook, get the RSS feed, email, and guess what…BOOKMARK. Making the process even more easy.

I love bookmarking and highly suggest other try it as well!

Pink or Blue….Guest Blogger M. Rodriguez!

19 04 2011

Being a parent I thought this way too cute and fully agreed w/ Melissa Rodriguez on this issue! She is a student at Florida Southern College, majoring in Communication! LOVED THIS POST FRM HER!


Outrage Over Ad Blown to Ridiculous Proportions

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Over the weekend J.Crew updated their online catalogue and included a feature on how their president and creative director Jenna Lyons spends the weekend with her son. The first slide included the mother and son duo looking at each other playfully and lovingly while the mother held her sons foot- that happened to have neon pink toenails. Copy on the ad included “Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”

Obviously this is just way too much for anyone to handle. The notion that mundane things such as colors can be characterized as male or female is absurd. If that were the case, how would anyone characterize beige, yellow, or red?

Keith Ablow called the ad, “a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity.” While Erin Brown from the Media Research Center called it, “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.”

Seriously? The boy in the picture is five years old. Children aren’t born knowing things are “bad” or “good,” or considered “straight” or “gay.” Children just know what they like.  Often children want to participate in creative activities, such as painting- nails or otherwise, because they think it’s fun. Boys see their sisters and mothers painting their nails and they simply want to be included.

There seems to be an extremely confused train of thought happening that stipulates that the things you are exposed to as a child dictate one’s gender identity and sexual orientation. Shouldn’t children also have the right to express themselves in anyway they want? There have been many instances in which little boys want to do or wear something that is traditionally female and their mothers let them, often with backlash towards the mother. As long as no one is getting hurt, what is the harm in letting them do as they please?

“Many people feel that it is their role to police gender and tell them what correct behavior is for boys and girls,” said Dr. Jack Drescher, child psychologist, to ABC news. “The idea that a parent is indulging a child’s interest in unconventional gender behavior does something to the child has no scientific basis.”

Openly gay pop sensation Adam Lambert tweeted about the ad after a Twitter user tagged him in a post with a link to the article saying, “I bet that’s how it all started for @adamlambert.” Lambert addressed the issue by tweeting, “Gender confusion? I don’t think it’s that deep- children should have full freedom of expression. It’s everyone else who’s confused.”

J.Crew declined to comment calling this a “non-issue.” Which is exactly what it is. It’s simply a photo of a little boy spending a weekend with his hard working, stylish mom.

John Stewart said it best, “Here’s what I see: ‘Oh, honey, you want to paint your nails pink? Okay, let’s do it.’ Because do you have any idea how long a weekend is with children? Everybody gets bored; you’ll do anything to fill the time. And if you take them to a face-painting booth, it doesn’t make them cats.”

Like two Peas in a Podcast

28 02 2011

TOW #8…Podcasts

Podcasts are sometimes viewed as outdated, but I’ve been using them more than ever lately. Podcasts are usually episodes of digitally recorded media files. In simpler terms it’s almost like a radio show on the internet but without the songs. Podcasts can be used for a variety of things. Here at Florida Southern the communication department uses them to air the Southern Sports Network (SSN). I also know many professors who use them to lecture.

With the SSN it’s very easy and simple for them to create their podcasts. I have sat and watched them record and edit everything so that it the podcast flowed smoothly. They usually talk about FSC sports but sometimes they will comment on other issues going in sports and relate them back to our campus.

I think podcasts work for sports because it give you that retro aspect. I don’t know nobody who is heavily involved in the sports arena who doesn’t listen to commentary of sports. I mean if it wasn’t an important part of sports we wouldn’t even have them. I love how you have to talk for other people’s eyes as well. But back in the day before TV that’s how fans stayed on top of sports. So I think it really works for the SSN.

I like podcasts even though I have to really concentrate to listen to really long one. But I’m a person who learns by hearing and they help me to really process everything.

1, 2, 3, Foursquare

20 02 2011

TOW #7…Foursquare…Ummm what is this??

I remember making up random rules while playing foursquare at recess as a kid. I would make up anything that would give me an advantage over the other players. Some would call it cheating but I call it a creative win! Well the topic of this post is not about the Foursquare you played on the playground as a child. But it is a creative win!

Foursquare is like a check-in service. It allows you to check in to places and explore things around you. You can do it with friends or by yourself and you even earn badges for what you find. It’s simple, free and all you need is your cell phone, Foursquare, and a desire to find out more!

I think this is creative because you can share your location with others, have fun with friends and get great deals on places all over your local area by simply checking in. I mean like who thought of this?? Companies can actually send you coupons and other deals for checking in or visiting their business. The more you do it the more you badges and deals you get. Win right?

However, as with any other creative new invention there is a downside. Not only could this be dangerous it’s also a little scary. This information you are sharing with your friends and the world could potentially put you in the center of harm. What if you had a bad break-up and your spouse follows you on Foursquare. So they see where you are and when you are there. What if they flip out and decide to hurt you? They now know exactly how to find you! And with so much technology and identity theft these days they could even make a bogus profile to get more information.

I guess this is just a reminder that you MUST be careful of what you put out on the internet. Parents should take special interests to help their kids protect themselves on the web by setting up privacy settings and establishing rules to follow. Adults should also be aware of the same dangers. Foursquare maybe fun but realize that people today are crazy and the internet is a playground for them to prey. You never know who is behind the screen & keyboard.

I think Foursquare like all other social media sites have ups and downs. I strongly advise people to be careful about what information is out there about you. Don’t become so social-media addicted that you can’t see the dangers in having fun. Know the risks and protect yourself.

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